HifiPig - National Audio Show 2016

10. Oktober 2016

"Arendal Sound is a new company to me but it seems they’ve been around a good while in one form or another and are headed up by founder Jan Ove Lassesen. Arendal Sound are based in Norway (Arendal) and produce a range of speakers, all with the name 1723. There’s the 1723 Tower, the 1723 Center, the 1723 Surround, but being demonstrated today was the 1723 Monitor and one of the three versions of the 1723 Sub. The Monitor is in the configuration shown at National Audio Show a sealed enclosure that has two eight inch woofers and a 28mm tweeter with the enclosure being made of high density fibreboard. Sensitivity is 89dB and in the sealed variant will go as low as 58 Hz, whereas the ported version will go down to 34 Hz. Prices shown on the day were a little confusing as they were the dealer price, however, this still seemed to be a good deal of loudspeaker for your money."

"Arendal Sound, a Norwegian speaker manufacturer were making great sounds. They manufacture all their own drive units and cabinets being independent of other suppliers and are new to the UK. I hope to try some out soon."

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1723 Series Sammenligning Subwoofere
Bass 13.8" 13.8" 2 x 13.8" 2 x 13.8"
Byggemateriale High Density Fiberboard (HDF) High Density Fiberboard (HDF) High Density Fiberboard (HDF) High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
Forsterker Avalanche 500DSP - 500W RMS Avalanche 500DSP - 500W RMS Avalanche 1000DSP - 1000W RMS Avalanche 1000DSP - 1000W RMS
Design Lukket Lukket / portet Lukket Lukket / portet
Størrelse 49.2H x 33.5B x 45D cm 63.7H x 45B x 55D cm 54.2H x 42B x 50D cm 71.2H x 50B x 60.9D cm
Vekt 24.5 kg 48.1 kg 41.4 kg 60.1 kg